Bryant "Mr. Matt" Matthews


This week we learned that Bryant Matthews, affectionately known by us as “Mr. Matt” passed away. To say we as a dealership are heartbroken is an understatement. We cherished the time we had with Mr. Matt and considered him to be a part of the Coleman extended family. He was a part of the fabric of our company for the full 25 years we have been in business and worked with us up until the summer of 2020.

During his time at Coleman’s, he was a key member of our sales department and eventually became our trusted follow-up representative. He called each and every one of our customers after buying a vehicle or having their vehicle serviced with us. Mr. Matt always made sure that everyone not only knew he appreciated them, but loved them as well. One of our favorite memories of Mr. Matt was that he loved Dove dark chocolate candies. So much so that whenever he was saying goodbye, he would say “Good-bye, Love Dove.”

We will always remember Mr. Matt as a man who was always smiling. He was a good man of strong faith who walked out his beliefs. Mr. Matt was a treasure to anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him and to his entire community. We have never heard a negative word said about him and know that his legacy of kindness, appreciation, and sincere love will live on in this community for many years. Mr. Matt, you will always be dearly missed. We wish to extend our heartfelt condolences and prayer to our Matthews family during this time.

-The Coleman Family